Konnekt Group

Our mission: create cutting-edge home automation systems, home and building automation, always up to the maximum desired requirements. Our customers’ satisfaction is a non-invasive technology at maximum functionality. We favor and participate significantly in energy saving, because: the real clean energy is the one saved!

KonneKt Group creates, programs, integrates and coordinates special Domotic and Building Automation systems for any structure and of any size and it is specialized in Facility Management.

It installs supervision on its systems with IP video surveillance and access control, it also manages the sending of alarms and notifications by sms and email.

KonneKt carefully accompanies the development of the project, coordinates various professionals (suppliers and consultants) provides the best material.

It can provide electrical installation or support the installer from the design and creation phase of the building to commissioning, testing and assistance.

KonneKt uses the KNX protocol, standard of Home and Building Automation, the reference at World and National level as a standard for building automation and the definition of energy efficiency classes.

KonneKt follows the customer step by step in the research and evaluation of solutions with high technological content, it favors the overall vision of the systems, which are created as a part of a larger and more complex system that is the building’s integrated systems. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of many different technologies.